Nancy Martinez for City Council

Nancy Martinez Wants To Get Far Rock Working Again

Local entrepreneur and business owner announces bid for City Council.

Nancy Martinez doesn’t mince words when it comes to why she’s running for City Council.

“I am not a politician, I have never worked for an elected official. What I’ve done for my community is invest in it. I’ve run a vocational school, I’ve been an advocate for small businesses and I have volunteered my time and my services,” said Martinez.  “I’m running because I genuinely care for this community and it needs an advocate who knows how to get things done.”

Martinez made the announcement at a gathering of supporters on Beach 20th Street, where her New York Career Training School is located.  For a decade, she has educated thousands of New Yorkers every year, helping them develop new professional skills, obtain health care for themselves and their families, and start a new career. 

Martinez says she expects the folks that know her best will come out and vote for her in the Feb. 23 special election to fill the now-Queens Borough President Donovan Richards’ City Council seat.

“My support is going to come from the people that I have touched throughout my years, what I have been doing in this community,” Martinez told The Wave.  “I have touched many lives, in providing either training, health care, small businesses and just by being out here.

There are several contenders vying to fill the vacancy, including former Richards Chief of Staff Manny Silva, Selvena Brooks-Powers, and Franck Joseph, but Martinez feels once voters get to know where she stands, she’ll win them over.

“Once they see who Nancy Martinez is, a strong advocate for the needs of the community, for the district, I’ve been out there from day one, I have invested in the community…also once they see that I am ready to face the real challenges and I have the strength to do it and stand up for whatever it is we need in these challenging times, they’ll see that I am the candidate for them.

Martinez says the district has a number of issues, including the major development that is going on right outside the office where she made her announcement.

“We have to make sure these developments are completed properly, and that the infrastructure is in place to maintain the people that will be coming here, said Martinez, who also commented on how important it is to keep the crime rate down.

“We have to make sure we create opportunities for the people who live here who are out of work, who lost jobs and income because of the pandemic,” she said. “That’s what I do, and it’s what I have been doing for the last 10 years.

To date, Martinez’s Training School has graduated over 16,000 students and with an estimated rate of over 98%, has employed close to 15,760 of her graduates. 

“I have employed many, many people, and I will continue to do so,” said Martinez. “Vocational training is essential right now, so you can find a job immediately and put food on the table immediately.”


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